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OnlyCoins airdrop

ONLY token has arrived

January 2, 2022

OnlyCoins has rewarded active users and early adopters, with an airdrop.

All users who purchased any content before January 1st, 2022, received 1 ONLY token for each dollar spent. If you spent $500 on tips, subscriptions or unlocks in 2021, you have received 500 ONLY tokens in your OnlyCoins wallet.

This token may be used for unlocking user content, purchasing skins & badges, staking, and enhancing other future platform features. Further details, including the tokenomics, and use cases, will be announced in the near future!

For now, the token is only available within your OnlyCoins account.

We would like to thank all of our creators and supporters! Stay tuned, and be the first to know about future airdrops by following us on social media: