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Thank you for joining us at OnlyCoins.

OnlyCoins is a digital content marketplace. It seeks to allow creators to sell content, and receive funds directly, and instantly, from supporters.


OnlyCoins currently takes a 15% commission on sales; which means content creators receive 85% of their earnings!

As development continues, and the project progresses to a more polished form; the final commission rate may change.

It is absolutely our intention to remain cheaper than any relevant competition.

Platform Commission
Clips4Sale 40%
PornHub 32%*
ManyVids 30%*
OnlyFans 20% to 25%
OnlyCoins 15%

* Exact rate may vary


There are no additional fees related to enjoying OnlyCoins.

The essential functions of the platform, are free, and instantaneous:

  • Browse
  • Post
  • Comment
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw


We welcome any and all feedback from the community.

Reach out to us: [email protected]

We are in the early stages of setting up a social media presence. If you are eager to see this platform grow, please join/follow, and spread the word!